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  • University of Minnesota Student Production

    This is an excellent series on understanding the US-Dakota War, its effect on Minnesota's history, and the need for reconciliation. I lost audio approximately 1/3 through the first video, please go to the remaining videos to learn more about the Ojibwa and Dakota Nations. Click (Read More) then click on link to open.

  • Annual Mankato Remembrance Run

    Last night, 12/25/13, I attended the ceremony outside Fort Snelling in memory of the thirty-eight Dakota Indians hung in Mankato 151-years ago. On December 26, 1862, the largest mass execution in the nations history took place. Each year mounted riders travel from South Dakota to Mankato, arriving for a ceremony at 10:00am, the day after Christmas—the time when the thirty-eight plunged to their deaths—in remembrance of that day when sons, husbands, and fathers left this world.

  • The Ritual

    The last post dealt with the instinctive method of shooting the bow and arrow. This entry examines the perfection required when target archery is practiced.

  • Bow & Arrow Fever

    Do you shoot bow and arrow? Are you a traditionalist or are you a compound shooter? Either way you are an Archer and you know the beauty of the sport.

  • Happy May-Day

    May 1, 2013

    Supposed to be spring.

  • A Touch of Farm Life

    Want to know why farmers are special? These are some of the truths about farm life in West Central Minnesota and a few of — THE THINGS I'VE LEARNED.

  • B-Westerns of the early 50s

    Saturday mornings were total emersion in television and the B-westerns the box offered. If only I put my mind to schoolwork like I did on those westerns I would now be a Nobel Laureate . .

  • Rural Folks

    This one is for the rural folks, because you have problems unknown to urban and city living. Have you ever had your septic system freeze? Now that I’m all grow’d up I find out it’s not as much fun as when it happened back in the 50s.

  • Ramblings

     — My first attempt at a blog. Tidbits of truth and fiction —